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you reached out to us to start planning your wedding day



Very soon you will be getting an email about our services. If you have time, take a look at the mainstays of what we offer. The services listed are a guide to help you move in the right direction.

None of the options may look like a good fit to you. Hey, that's okay. We love to customize and build a package that is your own, and no one else's, just like your wedding day. 

So then what happens? Well, we will ask you a few questions regarding your day and put together a rough estimate to go over together. It won't be perfect yet, but It'll give you a really good idea of the costs to expect and what our process is like. 

Once we agree on a final cost and all the wedding day details, we're done. Your wedding is planned. 

Amazing, huh? Keep a look out for that email as it's the next step to planning your stress-free, budget friendly wedding day. 

Still looking?
Go Ahead 
We'll be in touch soon. 

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