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Top 3 Wedding Trends for 2021

Wedding style is really in the hands of the couple, but we often see wedding style trends showcased whether you choose a classic style that will last a lifetime or a trend-focused wedding.

Take a look at the top trends that are coming up in 2021. You make the choice to incorporate a full blown trend or to take a small portion and intertwine into your wedding day.

  1. Living room decor: Couples are looking to be comfortable and stage photos with classic or antique furniture. The happy couple wants to incorporate comfort and a bit of warmth into their wedding day. The back drop of photos make people feel at home by incorporating lamps, pillows, cushions, rugs, and other home decor.

2. Mini-cakes: Have your cake and eat it too. Don't miss out on all the traditional aspects of your wedding day without spending big bucks. A mini-cake is a very economical way to celebrate in a very intimate way. You can have the personalization without breaking the bank on all the details and make a big impression with your guests.

3. Epic Photos: A big reveal to your guests and sharing that special day through photographs is a must in todays Instagram world. With micro-weddings being a huge trend, scaling down on the guests and scaling up on the photos seems like a natural plan. Having a memento from your special day to send out of all your friends and family is a way to include them in your special moments as a new bride/groom/couple.

Mix and match trends and find what is right for you. Not sure what you want to incorporate into your special day. Reach out and we can help with the perfect location and all the extras. Finding a style that fits best for the two of you is most important. Do that, and you'll look back on your day as epic.


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