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Fresh air & new beginnings

Great dreams are in the minds of many. It's acting on them that makes us do great things. The thought of action seems to have so many repercussions that we doubt ourselves and never move forward.

While working in Cleveland, OH and traveling across the mid-west, I found myself on a trip back to my hometown, Geneva. On a sunny, Fall afternoon, driving through Ohio's wine country, I yearned for a place to call my own. I always knew I wanted to start my own business. I had an idea to find a locale that was close to many large cities, that highlighted my hometown, and to create a unique location that would be wildly beautiful in an unexpected setting.

Years later, still with no known business of my own in sight, I returned to my stomping grounds. In the past few years I have continued to grow appreciation that can only be gained by leaving something you thought was a lost cause, and return with new eyes to see opportunity. I purchased a 200 year old home in a historical district with my husband in 2016 with the dreams of using this, (I will kindly call a) "project", as a landing pad for my future business.

Over the past four years I have continued to dream. Continued to dream the dreams of what this place, this home, this town, could be. A realization came that the only way to initiate progress is to be progress, so here we are. Epic Elopements was born.

The beauty that resides in this area is . . well, epic. Lake Erie, the Grand River, some of Ohio's finest wineries, rolling landscapes, and a natural beauty that awaits to create a magical landscape for some of the most important moments in our lives. I want to help bring those moments to life. Give us the opportunity to bring your dreams to reality.


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