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Lake Erie Wedding Venues You Can Afford

Updated: Feb 27

Envision this: You and your partner, as newlyweds, standing on the waters edge after you just recited your vows to one another and had your big celebratory kiss to seal the deal. The beautiful lake view behind you, a delicate lake breeze blowing your dress perfectly and the gentle lapping waves against the shores edge is the perfect sweet-sounding background to a beautifully celebrated day.

However, once you start shopping for that perfect lakefront venue you realize the price tag that comes along with that vision and quickly realize that your dreams may not come to fruition and that you might have to make a few compromises.

Any of us who are already been married know that marriage is full of compromises, but this is your wedding and NOT your marriage and if you are anything like me, you want what you want and you’ll figure out a way to have the clear vision you hoped for. Envision the little girl from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate factory telling her Daddy, “I want it now!” Ok, maybe not that bad, but when you want something bad enough, you figure a way to make it happen.

Well, we’re here to rescue you. We have put together a list of some of the best lake front locations on a budget. These venues do vary in price. Some of these are a bit more well-known but there are some secret locations in here that you may not have found with a standard Google search. We are always looking for ways to get creative and deliver the goods when our couples come calling. So, we are sharing our secrets here:

Best Lake Erie Wedding Venues

A wedding at The Lodge in Geneva on Lake Erie

1.  The Lodge at Geneva

This is likely the most recognizable Lake Erie venue. The Lodge at Geneva is a full service resort is a great getaway for your wedding day. They have a charming gazebo that is highlighted by the beautiful background views of Lake Erie. This location can accommodate weddings up to 300, but do offer packages for as little as 50 guests, so you don’t have to cut back on your guest count here if you don’t want. They don’t allow outdoor receptions however, but with all they have to offer, who needs it. You can have your outdoor wedding then guests can retreat inside to one of their banquet halls for dinner and dancing the night away.

This place is also great for out of town guests. With over 100 rooms including cottages and suites, they can host couples and families who all have different needs. On site at the resort is a full service restaurant, bar, and wine shuttles. If you are planning on making a weekend getaway out of your wedding experience, they have tons of options. This location is also great for those who have children; Indoor and outdoor pools, paddle swans, and play areas are all located right there on the property.

This location is very close, within walking distance, to the Geneva-on-the-Lake Strip that has night life, shops, and restaurants. You can also rent golf carts or bikes to take a quick ride town to The Strip to listen to live entertainment or grab a bite to eat. The Lodge is also partnered with The Spa at The Lakehouse Inn. If you have more of a relaxing retreat, away from you guests, in mind they can deliver. Enjoy a glass of wine and a local cheese board in the garden at The Spa after your couples massage or relaxing couples’ facials. This sounds like a great getaway to us, especially as a guest.

This is likely the most expensive location on the list, however you have everything you and your guests need for a weekend wedding getaway.

HINT: Worse case scenario, if this location is out of budget, you can book a ceremony only here on select days. They do only have select times for ceremony only, then host your reception in another location. This could potentially save you some money in the budget that you can allocate for other desired elements.

Arial view of Painesville Township Park

2.  Painesville Township Park

This wedding geared facility is managed by Lake County Metroparks. We love a good Metroparks location as the fees are typically lower and they are very well maintained.


The ceremony and reception take place indoors but the opportunity for outdoor pictures are endless. They have a beautifully maintained walkway and new pier that cascades out into Lake Erie for some truly epic pictures.

The Painesville Township Park is tucked away and has a bit of privacy, considering its open to the public, but the indoor space is laid out well for your wedding day experience. With table and DJ space around the outskirts of the building and a built-in dance floor in the middle, but the floor plan is customizable so that you can style your wedding any way you want. It also has a small patio where guests can pop outside for a breath of fresh air and sweeping Lake Erie views.

Also, since this is a Metropark, and its outside of the city, the cost is much lower than if you booked a traditional “wedding venue”.

HINT: Anytime you are booking a venue with a park district its important to note end times with the office when booking, if event insurance is required, and if there is an extra fee to serve alcohol for the event, including a security officer. Sometimes its easy to get excited about the pricing and availability but make sure you understand all the hidden fees before booking.

Even with all the extra fees, these accommodations are still an ideal price point.

Photo Credit: Andrew Cross.


A Wedding at the Perry Community Center

3.  Perry Community Center

This little gem is hidden off the beaten path but if you are looking to save money, and host a large wedding, this is a great choice. The Perry Community Center is really a community/ senior center but is large enough to host a bigger wedding of up to 400 guests. The room can be split in half to accommodate smaller groups.


This location is right on the water in Perry, OH. They have a covered outdoor patio that is attached to the event space so you can have a small outdoor ceremony regardless of rain, then move indoors for your reception space that overlooks the water. If you are using a “split” room then you’re sharing your outdoor space, but what a space it is.

We love this event space because of its kitchen access for caterers. We also love that the room has very clean lines and bright lighting so you really have the opportunity to customize and make the space your own. Lastly, of course, it’s view and access to the lake.

The fee here is very reasonable. There is an increase if you are not a resident of Perry, but even with the extra fees, it’s still worth a peek.

4. Lake Erie Bluffs

If you are looking to stay on the East side, here is another Perry location for you. We love the Lake Erie Bluffs in Perry. This location is a great mix of wooded park, lake views, and rustic charm.

This rental is nominal but you can only host around 50 guests comfortably indoors. If the weather is nicer, we love the idea of using surrounding attached stone stamped patios. This location has garage style doors that surround the North and East sides of the building. These doors can be opened to allow that beautiful lake breeze to cool off your guests in the Summer months and to give the event more of an outdoor feel.

This facility also has a wood burning fireplace inside and out, so if you are looking for something in the cooler months this is still an option. There is not a traditional heating system in this location, and with the wind off the lake, we suggest not take the chance in the cooler months.


A few upsides to this location are that the tables and chairs are included in your rental and you have access to the entire park for all your wedding photography, including access to the beach.

A few downsides are that your bathrooms are shared with the public and so is your parking. Also, the access to the beach isn’t the easiest in your wedding day best, so plan accordingly.

Again, because of the price point, this location books incredibly fast so it’s important to start planning, with any Metroparks location, farther in advance.


If you are hosting a party with alcohol they do require a security guard, as most parks do. However, at this price point of $300 if you are a Lake County resident, you just can’t beat it.


HINT: If you are looking at this location, find out when the dates are open to the public. Many of these facilities do not book years in advance and normally, when they open the dates up they go extremely fast. Be ready to dial that number when those dates go live. 

Henn Mansion in Euclid, Ohio

5.  Henn Mansion 

We are blown away by the beauty of this historic location. We think Henn Mansion is one of the most under rated venues in the Cleveland area. The brick work on this building is absolutely stunning and the architecture is definitely a conversation piece. There is an extremely well maintained backyard area behind the mansion that is great for a small garden party feel and yet, is super close to the beach. Can you say, ‘best of both worlds?’

You and your guests are within walking distance to the public beach park on the property for some really amazing photos, then retreat back to the mansion for your more traditional activities.

With historic ties to the area, beautifully maintained grounds and gardens, access to the Lakeview’s and the beaches, plus the pier that extends out onto Lake Erie this place is a great option. 

The major bonus here, the fees of this location are relatively low considering its so close to the water. The parking is shared with the public, but there is plenty to go around. There are some additional items you will need to rent and the back patio doesn’t come furnished within the presented fee, however we feel the positives outweigh the negatives at this beautiful mansion.

Pier W Interior

6.   Pier W.

Pier W does weddings? Well, not exactly. One way to book an affordable wedding is to scale down décor and other traditional items like entertainment, photo booths, and other “add ons” for the day. Pier W can be rented for an afternoon event for an intimate gathering and meal.

If you are looking for a less stress option but still want an elevated experience, Pier W is worth a look. If you are interested in a brunch wedding, this is your spot. The restaurant can be rented during the day hours so you can still have an out of this world meal with amazing sweeping views of the lake.

This water front restaurant can be rented between the hours of 11am and 3pm for intimate dinning. However, They do request a minimum of 35 guests to rent the space. Being able to offer such an upscale experience will definitely create a gathering that your guests will not soon forget.

A major bonus with this timeline is that you can have your wedding day and all the traditional elements, but then the two of you can run off the rest of the day and enjoy it however you see fit to celebrate.

Marblehead Lighthouse

7.  Marblehead Lighthouse

Over on the West side of the state is Marblehead Lighthouse. You can rent the area around the light house for a ceremony but the downside here is there is no indoor space. However, if you are willing to take your chances with a small group of people, this might be a great fit for you.

After an intimate ceremony head over to Twin Oast Brewing or Gideon Owen for a casual affair or take the ferry over to Put-in-Bay to enjoy the lake breeze, golf cart rides around the island, and some galivanting. This will surely be an experience you guests will remember for a lifetime. What a fun way to spend the day, and the pictures alone sound like the ideal Lake Erie wedding weekend.


Sunset Terrace on Lake Erie

8.  Sunset Terrace

This metro-park ‘shelter’ is anything but. We love Sunset Terrace for it’s access to the beach, beautiful indoor space with fireplace, deck for guests to catch some fresh air throughout the event without having to leave the reception, and of course the most important part: the price point.

Wedding venues with sweeping views are knowing for coming with a hefty price tag and many metro-parks are known for being too ‘rustic’ and this place is neither. The only downside to a location such as this is that it books up fast.

This facility has a refrigerator, sink and patio. Includes your tables and chairs and you can bring in your own caterer. You can have alcohol at this location but you must purchase additional event insurance and you must have a ranger on site, but for the total cost, it’s well worth it.

A Saturday, listed for 2024, is a total of $2,000. If you are looking at hosting on a Friday or Sunday, it’s even less. How can you beat that for a lake front venue?

Weeding Venue - Ariel International Center

9.   Ariel International Center

We absolutely love this location. It may not be directly on the water but the views of the lake are still incredible.

The Ariel has a few locations but this one has a more industrial feel but the natural wood touches along with the sweeping views add a touch of elegance to balance the esthetic, so if industrial isn’t your preference, still give it a peek. You may be surprised.


The reasons why we love the Ariel International Center are plentiful but major standouts are the roof top weddings in front of the water tower and the bridal suites.


The roof top wedding just has Cleveland written all over it. Guests sitting outside enjoying the lake views on an epic city building roof top. The view and the photography alone is just stunning and also, so much more fun than the traditional ceremony location or flower arbor. This location definitely offers a different level of experience with this added touch. The roof top is an added fee but we think the splurge is worth it, and that is not a statement we take lightly. After the ceremony, you can move down to the reception area for cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing.


The bridal suites are definitely an added value. These suites are decorated very elegantly for taking time to calm your nerves and lounge with your lovely ladies (or gentlemen) before the ceremony. Having the added space for additional photography and having a place to sneak away to take a breather after the ceremony.


Our last HINT: We know that a sunset ceremony sounds like the perfect dreamy wedding day. Remember that in the summer months, on the water, the sun doesn’t set until around 9pm. With that being said, there is still ambient light after that time. If this is something that you dream of, our suggestion is a hosting your reception first, then the ceremony last. We have heard this described as a ‘Rockstar Wedding’. We know that this is very untraditional but rules are meant to be broken, right?! We love this idea and it will definitely be a party to remember.

We know there are many more locations to choose from that are on the shores of Lake Erie, but we have found the bulk of these to be in a fair price point for those who are looking for scale back on their wedding day budget. Still not sure where to start? Download our free Epic Budget Planner to assist in deciding what is most and least important to you on the day, and start setting a budget for your epic wedding day.

If this all becomes too overwhelming consider hiring a wedding planner or coordinator to help take some of that wedding day stress off your shoulders. Think you can’t afford a wedding planner and that type of service is out of budget? Think again. Epic Elopements offers budget friendly services to ensure that on your wedding day, you can enjoy the day and spend it with your spouse, instead of worrying about the details.



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