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Take a Tour of Some of the Most Unique Wedding Venues In Cleveland.

Updated: Apr 2

Looking for a new and unique venue in Cleveland that hasn’t been done to death? Can’t find a venue that reflects your personalities? Are you struggling to find a venue that gives your guests a memorable experience?

We understand that the wedding landscape is changing and the wedding hall that was once a popular choice is no longer an option. Weddings are about providing your guests a truly memorable experience and the right venue sets the tone for your unique and memorable wedding day.

We put together a list of some of our favorite unique venues in the Cleveland area. These venues are fun, unique and experience based to give your guests something to talk about for years to come. If you’re going to pay this much (you can’t see but our hands are stretched out really really far apart) for your wedding day, why not add an element of surprise and experience to your guests that they will be talking about for a long time?

We’re here to make memories baby! Check these venues out.

Most Unique Wedding Venues in Cleveland

The Aviator Cleveland

The Aviator Cleveland 

The Aviator Cleveland is the rehabbed space from the 100th Bomb group is a totally unique space. With three separate options to choose from on site, you can customize the space to your needs. All of their event spaces have a clear view of the Cleveland Hopkins Airport so your guests can watch flights take off while they dine in an intimate setting and celebrating.

The spaces here vary so whether you are planning a large event with 350 guests or an intimate dinner with 20 guests you can do that in a space that makes sense while still enjoying the same elements that make this place memorable. We love the customization at this venue along with the space options. Flexibility and ability to host events of all size is important to us from a planning perspective as things change during the planning process so you don’t have to change your venue, just the details, if needed.

The Aviator is also close to area hotels and offer shuttle service for guests. If you have guests that are flying in from out of town, or they’re driving in, you can offer them an easy travel options and an easier wedding experience for your guests.

Wedding couple at Hedge Gallery at 78th Street Studios

Hedge Gallery at 78th Street Studios

We are in love with 78th Street Studios. At this venue you aren't just paying for a ‘space’, you’re supporting art, artists and bringing awareness to the Art scene in Cleveland. This venue is the largest fine arts complex in Northeast Ohio and hosts over 60 studios and small businesses and has previously been voted the Best Indoor Venue in Cleveland. 

One of the things we love about 78th Street Studios is the unique art and instillations that give your guests some real mingling content, so there is no need to worry about your guests not knowing each other.

They also have 3 spaces to choose from: Hedge Gallery, RAMP space, and smART Space.  In addition, there are unlimited opportunities for photography in these spaces. If you want unique photography, indoor and out, this place has tons of options that you can’t find anywhere else.

We recommend that you stop by for 3rd Friday’s. On the third Friday of the month, you can go and mingle, check out the spaces, look at the art, and have a cocktail before you decide on this amazing location.

Hilarities 4th Street Theater

Hilarities 4th Street Theater

Holy cow, you missing out if you haven’t looked at Hilarities 4th St. Theater as a wedding venue space. This place is jaw dropping cool. How more unique can you get than hosting your wedding in one of the country’s most notable comedy clubs. Get married where comedians such as Tim Allen, Paul Reiser, Sinbad, Kevin Pollak and Louie Anderson have performed.

But that’s not all. What we love about this place is you have a stage for the ceremony in the Frolic Cabaret and then move over to their amazing and totally memorable cocktail areas. Choose from the Champagne Bar or Kevins Tap Room (these are connected). This cocktail bar is absolutely memorable and one of the most unique that we’ve seen. Once cocktail hour is over, head back over to the Cabaret for dinner, drinks and dancing. What venue could provide a more memorable and customized experience?

The real bonus at Hilarities is not only it’s inclusive on site catering and bar, and unique settings but it’s in Downtown Cleveland. If you’re considering an after party, no worries, you’re already there. No shuttles, transportation, or driving. This venue is also close to the famous Arcade if you wanted to pop in for epic wedding day pictures.

Mahall’s interior


Hold on to your hat on this one. This is no ordinary back woods bowling alley. This one is going to blow you out of the water. Mahall’s is an old dance hall turned bowling alley, music hot spot, must visit brunch spot, and now, a killer unique event venue. We aren’t down with new slang as we are on the old end of ‘millennial’, but this baby slaps.

If you are looking for a truly unique space in Cleveland, this baby is it. It’s like the Saved by the Bell’s café, The Max, and Oliva Newton Johns, “lets get physical” spaces had a baby, but in a good way. This is the place to host a hootenanny if that is what you are looking for. We love the daring use of space to offer a truly unique wedding day backdrop. You can dress this place up, or leave as is. Either way, its just as cool and a great funky option for those who are daring enough to think outside the box.

Bride at Pinstripes bowling alley posing in lane with pins


Another bowling alley. Uh, hell yeah. This baby is a little different than Mahall’s. If you are looking for vintage, nostalgia, and a way to lighten the atmosphere, then why not a bowling alley. However, Pinstripes has a more upscale and elegant look when compared to other types of sports themed venues. If you’re looking for a location that has all of those fun elements but are still looking for a more “clean line” esthetic, Pinstripes is a little more classic or has a more traditional wedding appearance but with all the fun elements to create a really memorable experience for your guests.

This place is large and can host huge groups, up to 1,200 (more like a concert than a wedding). They have an amazing roof top space for cocktail receptions, an enclosed all season’s patio with the bocce courts. They even have spaces that can accommodate 40 or less for an intimate dinner and maybe some bowling afterwards.  

Again, we love the opportunity for smaller spaces for micro-weddings but love the option to still explore and have fun as a group. Bring some lively hood back to weddings with this unique venue in Cleveland.

The Elliot in Tremont

The Elliot

Cleveland’s newest up and coming wedding venue The Elliot is located in the Tremont area of Cleveland. The owner, Stephanie, set a vision and killed it. The great thing about this venue is it’s really two spaces to provide a layered experience to your guests. You have the beautiful ballroom with the Swarovski crystal chandelier and elegant stained glass, then the Rosehip Room downstairs for a funky cocktail concert vibe. They really thought through the layout of this venue too. There is a bar upstairs and downstairs, so that if you only want to host your event in one space, you can do that. There is also a lift elevator for those with accessibility issues.

They have been getting some notoriety with some really cool events such as their cookie swap in December and their recent Halloween party. They are shaking up the wedding venue scene and we love the creative and untraditional vibes they are bringing to the Cleveland wedding scene. This venue has a lot of personality but is definitely able to be molded to a vibe.

Lastly, we love the access it has to Lincoln Park. If you are still looking for green, outdoor space for your wedding photography or a ceremony, you have the option to pop out and grab a few pictures. However, we love the building so much, why bother?

Get married at the Cleveland Agora

The Agora

We’ve highlighted The Agora before but there are a million reasons why. Get married on stage and head over to The Agora ballroom for cocktail hour. Not only is this venue great if you love rock vibes, but it’s close to downtown for an afterparty or lodging. This too, is multiple venues in one. With the option of adding on the Ballroom or the concert hall, you can really customize to your liking.

Another bonus is that you can customize the lighting and really take advantage of the sound technician throughout the venue to really create something that is memorable and unique to the two of you.

Get married where some of the most iconic music legends have played: Devo, Meatloaf, Ted Nugent,  Peter FramptonBruce SpringsteenBostonGrand Funk RailroadZZ Top, & Kiss. Where else can you do that?! Also, you can get ready in the Green Room and hang out with your posse like a real rock star.

Keep an eye out on this venue as they will be offering events for micro-weddings soon. Or, if wedding planning is all too much, check out our elopement package with The Agora for the ultimate stress-free option.

Studio West 117th

Studio West 117

Are you ready for a whirlwind? Studio west 117 has it all. A gymnasium, a roof top bar, and outdoor courtyard, & a gastropub. We love Trellis, their roof top patio. It’s perfect for small and intimate gatherings. It’s got some real plant vibes too in an upscale, but relaxed atmosphere.

If you are looking for a truly unique location for your wedding day, the gymnasium and courtyard are a great pairing. They are equipped with lighting, sound equipment and a DJ booth. Also, the second level track allows for some great views of the reception and dancing areas while enjoying a cocktail. The Courtyard, an open air turf gathering space that is surrounded by funky murals painted by LGBTQ+ artists, and exposed brick, is a cool place to hang out for a cool, casual vibe.

This conglomerate of businesses and spaces are extremely involved and supportive of the LGBTQ+ community in Cleveland. We love the dedication that they offer to the community and we are in full support of all the awesome spaces and events they bring to the wedding scene.

The Bop Stop interior

The Bop Stop

Love the music scene in Cleveland? Looking for a unique space? Well, those two things collided when The Bop Stop was created. This intimate musical instruction institution by day, Jazz concert venue by night, is a great spot for a micro-wedding, especially if you are looking to host live music.

The venue is owned by The Music Settlement, which provides and supports music therapy, early childhood musical development, and private lessons to skilled individuals to continue to develop their musical talent. They teach and guide those who are interested in all types of musical exploration. They also provide a musical outlet for up and coming artists and high quality acts on Cleveland’s West side. Past performers include:  Joe Lovano, Benny Golson, The Bad Plus, Joey DeFrancesco, Terence Blanchard, Dave Weckl and many many more.

We suggest micro weddings of less than 75 in this venue. Considering its not traditional, the table seating is creative but we think it gives those intimate music venue vibes.

We love this venue for a few reasons. It’s unique and really provides an out of the box experience. The bar structure is very cool and they have a little smoking patio that overlooks the water. Lastly, because of its support in the music scene in Cleveland. Also, you can bring your own caterer into this space to develop some really distinctive dining experiences. 

The Cleveland Urban Winery interior

CLE Urban Winery

Located on CLE’s East side in Cleveland Heights is this little gem. Did you know that Ohio is home to over 300 wineries? You wouldn’t think you would find one amongst heavy traffic and city blocks, but here we are. If you love the idea of wedding winery vibes but don’t want your guests to have to drive all the way to Ohio’s Wine Country in the Grand River Valley, then this is great compromise. CLE Urban Winery is bringing notable wines and production into the big city.

This charming little venue can be rented out for all types of events, but we love the idea of intimate weddings here. With colorful murals, open seating, and awesome garage doors to open up and bring the outside in, it’s prime for an exclusive wedding setting. In addition, they have some great photo opportunities and a fun, unstuffy atmosphere here.

Guests who have visited this venue rave about its’ friendly staff, cheery, but urban atmosphere, and of course, their delicious wine selection. This venue offers seating up to 80 guests and is a cool, chill spot to host a micro-wedding with an intimate dinner. We suggest adding in some low key live music to round out your event.

The rental fees here are based on minimums, so send your guests home with a bottle of wine to pop open and reflect back on the memories of your wedding day. Don’t forget to take a few for yourself to celebrate your anniversary, date night, or regale guests in your home with tales of your unique wedding day.

Bride and Groom at The Foundry

The Foundry

This certainly isn’t the least on our list. This place is truly a hidden gem. Why do we love The Foundry? Let us count the ways.

This place has an amazing courtyard ordained with string lights that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city but is close enough (literally a stones throw) from the Flats where you can move to your afterparty and dance the night away.

They have two Airbnb’s that are connected to the venue that you can add-on for a bride and groom suite options, which is a huge bonus.

The Foundry is full of photo opportunities as well. They have a Cleveland script sign at the back of their parking lot, access to the water of the Cuyahoga River in the Flats for some amazing photos, a warehouse full of row boats and tons of hidden areas with exposed brick for that real city feel.

Lastly, the rental fees for this venue go to support children in Cleveland to learn to row and boat, who wouldn’t normally have access to those opportunities. We love the idea of those funds going back to support the local community.

The Foundry has just started booking their event space after a long hiatus but we are thinking that within the next year, this is going to be on Cleveland’s top list of wedding and event venues. Get in while it’s still available.

Wedding vows couple

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