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Top Wedding Money Wasters.

Updated: Jan 25

Weddings are a very exciting time. It’s fun to think about all the things that will make your ideal day complete. Also, when you have months or years to plan, it’s easy to spend money on little things you might not need. We justify or we plan based on tradition but when planning on a budget it’s important to set your budget and priorities prior to planning so your budget doesn’t expand past what you can or want to afford.

Here is a list of things we suggest to do without to stay in your budget.

End of the night send off: Lights, sparklers, light up batons. You don’t need it. The reality is that you want that moment for one picture. If that is worth it to you, that’s great, but if you are trying to stick to a budget, this is a place you can save. And, it’s not only the sparkers or whatever it is that you decide to use, it’s also the time of the photographer to be there to capture the moment. Estimated Savings: $$

Late night snacks: Another late night budget killer. You have entertained your guests for the day, you have fed them appetizers, dinner, and cake, you have given them an open bar for hours. You do not need to give them another meal. Estimate Savings: $$$

Bridal Party: There is really no need for a bridal party. The extra expense of gifts, dresses, suits, flowers, jewelry and the headache of trying to please everyone and make sure your friends and family are included. Who needs it. This is a place that can really save you some cash, depending on how traditional and large your wedding is. You're also going to save your self some emotional energy.

Estimate Savings: $$$$

Mr. and Mrs. Stuff: All the extra cutesy stuff- table signs, Neon lights, fans, programs- whatever. It all ends up in the trash. It doesn’t really make the day and if you never had it, you wouldn’t miss it. Fight the urge to blow your hard earned money on this kind of stuff.

Estimate Savings: $$

Extremely fancy cakes: Some of these wedding cakes are a work of art. Absolutely stunning and tasty cakes are beautiful, but ultimately a

waste of money. The cake sits on a table. You get a picture cutting into it and then the catering team heads to the back to hack it into slimed down slices for your guests. You are never going to put a picture of your cake on the mantle. You want it to look professional but extra large tiered cakes with beautiful décor is a budget killer. Estimated Savings: $$$

Overly decorated tables: I tell people all the time, the only person who sees how beautiful

the tables are, untouched, is me. And I truly appreciate a beautifully set table (I set mine at home for no reason because I love it so much) but as soon as guests enter the room they walk over to the table, throw all their stuff down and during dinner and if they are fighting with the décor for space, the guests are going to win. Make sure when planning your tables you account for practicality. Overly decorated tables can be nuisance to your guests.

Estimated Savings: $$$

Second dress: You just spent $100’s if not thousands on your wedding dress. Make sure you get your monies worth.

It’s fun to have an outfit change but you spent all this time finding the perfect dress, having it altered and fittings, to only wear it for the ceremony and pictures is just crazy to me. Rock that dress. Dance the night away in it. You’re only going to wear it once, get your moneys worth.

Estimated Savings: $$$$

Full Day Photography: Pictures of you getting ready all the way to the end of the night dance. My question is always, “How many of these pictures are you going to look at more than once or twice?” Photography can really add up so limiting the hours to the real ‘meat’ of the event can save you some money.

If you have it in your budget, then that's awesome, but if you have a limited budget, then this is an area you need to look into.

Estimated Savings: $$$$

Favors: Our most dreaded wedding money sucker. We don’t use this word lightly: WE HATE FAVORS. They are a waste. It’s basically the same as the late night snack. You invited people to your wedding, you entertained them, fed and likely provided a bar, and they danced the night away. They are there to support you, they do not need a gift. Guests never all take the favors, they are costly, and typically the items aren’t practical.

Just do without. No one will notice.

Estimated Savings: $$

Want to know how we can save you some cold hard cash, while keeping your day stress free? Great. We'd love to chat and show you what we can do.

We are passionate about providing you a beautiful wedding day, within your budget. Our goal is always to be honest and upfront about what you need and what you can do without. We don't want you to feel regret at the end of your wedding day, because you're starting off your marriage with a bunch of debt.

Need help setting a budget that works for you? No worries. Check out our Epic Budget Planner. This free tool can assist you in sticking with a budget that makes sense for the two of you.

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