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Five reasons to elope in Northeast Ohio

Updated: Jan 25

Some people think that with an elopement you are leaving everyone out of your special day.

Quite the contrary.

An elopement, or what some people may refer to as a micro-wedding, has changed over the last few years. Couples are realizing that spending upwards of $20,000 isn’t a viable way to start of their marriage. Who could blame them!?

Eloping is so much more than running off to secretly get married. These days its more about keeping it small and intimate and spending the day the way you want to spend it. Many brides and grooms look back on their wedding day as a whirlwind they didn’t even get to enjoy. Do you really want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding you won’t remember?

If you are trying to decide if eloping or scaling back is the right thing for you, here are a few reasons that may help.

1. You want to do something different:

You don’t really want a big wedding reception with a DJ and the chicken dance? You may still want a first dance as newlyweds, but who says that has to take place at a reception. Many couples are opting for more experiential “reception” ideas that they can do because they have less people. Book a charter boat and take a Lake Erie cruise, have a picnic at the beach or along side of the Grand River, or enjoy a Northeast Ohio’s wine tour in Geneva, OH.

2. You don’t have to worry about what every else is going to wear:

What a load off your mind. When you don’t have to worry about bridesmaids and groomsman and ring bearers and flower girls.

Doesn’t that make the getting married part better because you can focus on the intimate details of your ceremony. You can also have a bit more fun with your styles as well. You don’t want to wear white? Don’t! You want a giant flower crown? Go for it! Want to get crazy with untraditional make-up and flowers? Be our guest! We love when people are able to put more focus on the style and personality of their wedding because they don’t have to get others to buy in or worry what others are going to think. This day is about you two.

3. Vows- personal vows are very popular right now:

You may be cautious to say certain things in front of your entire extended family, your partners work friends, and someone your Grandma met at her bridge game because she needed a date. Take the time to say what is important and meaningful during your ceremony, and hey, you may want to sing them!

4. Let it all hang out!

Well, not exactly. You may opt to keep some in. But having the freedom to not have to be at a specific place at a specific time can be freeing. I hear couples all the time say I didn’t get any cake on our wedding day, or we really didn’t get to eat because we tried to talk to every person at our wedding. You only get this moment once, so make the most of it, together. Because, isn’t that what really matters?

5. Epic Photography:

When you have all the time in the world you can take some really amazing photos to commemorate your special day- and bonus, you get to spend it with your favorite person. Pick a few locations for your shoot. When you don’t have an itinerary with every moment planned and lurking around the corner, you can really get the most bang for your buck.

Need more reasons to elope in Ohio?

Our elopement and micro-wedding packages include everything you need on the big (little) day. Our packages are always customizable to ensure that your day is YOURS.

Click below to view our packages and services to see how we can help make sure that the two of you get to spend your day together and without stress.

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