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Top Tips for Reselling Your Wedding Day Decor

Updated: Jan 25

You might be asking yourself now that your wedding day is over,

"What do we do with all this S*%T?"

You bought all this beautiful stuff for your wedding and thought you'd resell it and make some money back. Welp, this is one of our big planning NO's. But, you're in this mess and we're problem solvers- so we're here to help.

We normally suggest renting or reusing items if you can. The time to take pictures, post the listing so it gets engagement, answering all the "Is this available?" posts, and then organizing a pick up and payment for people to ghost you, just isn't worth the headache. We truly suggest rentals, which we offer, or to get creative with something you think you’ll be able to reuse for home or holiday decor.

However, we’re not complainers, we're here to help and we brought solutions.

Here is our guide on how to relist for Facebook Marketplace to sell your stuff fast:

1. Before you go through all the trouble listed below, you may want to ask the venue or vendors if they would be interested in buying or know of anyone who would be interested. Many venues these days will purchase or accept certain items to use as part of their decor options for other brides. This would be a huge win because you may not have to repack the items on your wedding day.

You might be able to just leave them there. :D

2. Make sure you are part of the Facebook resale groups in your area and in your bride community. When you list your items on Marketplace, there is an option to list in more than one place. If you can list in multiple “Buy, Sell, Trade” groups in your area or in more Bridal Resale Groups, the more potential buyers there are to look at your posting. When you are already a member of these said groups, the selling and the posting is even easier.

3. Use pictures of the items in action on the day. If you know you're going to resell, task a relative or friend to be responsible for this. Make a list of what pictures you need so that you can post easily after the wedding shindig is over.

Showcasing the items in the wild will give other brides the imagery they need to imagine the items being put to use. And, it's way prettier than taking a picture of them in a box or in your living room.

Sex sells, ya know?

4. Make sure you have the quantity and measurements of all the items in the descriptions. Be clear.

This is a big one. This will help keep the questions down to a minimum and if buyers don’t see the info and ask you anyways, you can refer them back to the details in the listing.

5. Sell in a lot- Selling individual items is going to be a pain. It’s better for you (and them potentially) if you can unload the lot in one transaction. Be clear about your price for the lot and what is included and be clear if you are willing to break the items into smaller groups. Charge accordingly for your work to do this, if you are going to break down the quantity.

Sometimes a straight 50-50 split doesn't mean the cost needs to be 50% off.

If you are having to break the lot down into smaller lots, you will have to answer more questions and deal with more buyers. What is worth your time?

6. Be careful of scams. List very clearly that you will not be giving out your phone number and that you can communicate through Facebook Messenger. State your pick up times if you can, or when you are normally available so that buyers know if this purchase is truly accessible to them.

7. Make sure you have a place to store all these items safely while you are trying to sell. You don’t want to have to dig them out of dusty old storage or have them in the back of the garage or worse, in your living space. You want to have the items accessible incase you need to send additional pictures. You also don’t want them damaged to give the buyer leverage upon pick up to haggle a cheaper price.

8. If you bought the items new, realize you aren't likely going to get 50% or more of what you paid for these items.

People are looking for a deal. The more expensive the listed price, the longer it will take to sell. Remember: the value of the item is only what someone is willing to pay for it.

Also, you want these items gone because the longer they are listed, the more of your time is wasted. Time is money baby. Know your worth vs. the worth of the items.

9. Do you research. Know the market and what else is being sold. Are they similar items being listed for sale? If you are coming in high, you'll be sitting on them longer. Come in a little lower and these babies will be gone and on to your next home.

What if you didn’t have to sell these items at all? What if someone brought them to your wedding and they were clean, polished, steamed, and beautiful, set them up for you, you used them for an extremely reduced fee, then they are packed and hauled away.

You never have to look at them ever again. Wow, what a stress relief!

That’s what we do. When we host your wedding day, we try to include as much as possible so that it saves you time, money, and energy all around.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

We thought so. Take a peek at other ways we can take the stress off your plate. View our packages and services.

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