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Weddings are a money pit: 7 tips to keep you within your wedding budget

Updated: Jan 25

Weddings are a money pit. Yeah, we said it. We know the costs involved because we live it every day. With that being said, we also know where to save you time, energy, stress, and cold hard cash on your wedding day. Our goal is that you have a beautiful, stress-free wedding on a budget, whether you use our services or not.

Below are some of our tips for staying budget focused without sacrificing the esthetic.

Get Creative-be resourceful: What do you have around the house that you can use for décor? If you have a favorite season and ton of home décor for a specific season you may want to consider getting married around that time of the year.

Also, a reminder, all your décor doesn’t have to match, it just has to have a theme. Mix matched décor has been popular over the past years, which is great and adds personality to each area. One of the bonuses of using Epic Elopements is that we have an inventory of wedding décor so that you don’t have to invest in pieces to add esthetic to your wedding day. Sometimes wedding venues will also have these things available. When visiting these venues ask if they include décor or if they partner with any rental companies. Also, asking if they decorate for specific times of the year could be helpful as well.

Minimal flowers: Using low or no centerpieces will really save on cost. Many times centerpieces with full florals can be $50 or more per piece. Depending on the size of your wedding guest list, this could really add up quick. Using centerpieces that require candles, bottles, glassware or other items to fill in table space will help save on cost. Remember, once people sit at the tables, you want to save space for food, beverages, and personal belongings. The tables look pretty before anyone sits down, but how functional will they be once the guests sit down for dinner?

Minimalistic table
Photo Credit: The Sweetest Digs

Your flower arbors are also a pretty penny. Adding draping fabric or other items can help add color without adding high end or expensive flowers, like roses. The arbors are beautiful, but it’s a place to cut your budget for sure. Arbor pieces start around $350 and go up from there. Keeping it to all greens can help your budget or using flowers that are in season or have the color you want to add character and depth.

Also, the arbor you choose can make the difference as well. The larger the arbor, the more costly to decorate.

NOTE: Fake or silk flowers can be just as expensive, especially if ordering from a florist. Many people decide to DIY the pieces themselves but don’t realize the cost associate with this, and the time, the storage of the pieces so they stay in tact before the big day to keep them looking their best. The cost tends to end up being about the same, without the same results. Plus, what are you going to do with all those flowers after the ceremony?

Minimal photography: A full day of wedding photography to us is too much. We are a get in and out kind of business.

We realize that capturing these moments that go by so fast is important, but how many pictures of dancing and eating are you going to keep for years to come? We recommend 2 hours maximum, but we can normally get in all the important ones within the hour, when your guest count is 50 or under.

Eat your cake- No fancy cakes or dessert tables: There are many talented bakers out there who create works of art. They are absolutely beautiful so we understand why you would want to include it on your splurge list for your big day.

We suggest a small, fancy cake to cut for the couple, but for the guests you could choose a sheet cake or less fancy cakes to cut down on costs. Save yourself the ‘dough’ (that’s a cake joke) on cake and on flowers to decorate it with and go with a less expensive option. Your guests will probably not even notice.

No Mr. and Mrs. extras: It’s tempting to buy wedding items that you see at craft stores or on line. These things all add to the bottom line but really make no impact on your day. Seat covers, small signs for cake tables or “Pick a seat, not a side.”

These are all things that really aren’t necessary on the day, but really add up. At the end of your wedding you will end up tossing these items or trying to re-sell them, or worse, they sit in a closet or basement for years with no use.

Smaller guest list to keep things intimate: This is always a sensitive topic but the more people you invite the more expensive, and stressful the day can be. More people equal more seating, parking, food, drinks, and décor. Keeping your guest list to a comfortable number is the easiest way to keep your costs to a minimum and within your budget.

Rentals: Rentals have become more popular over the past few years. Now companies are popping up with wedding dress rentals, wedding flowers, arches, lounge décor, and other items. This can be a great way to have some higher end décor without having to shell out full price. Again, these are big decisions. If you are planning on selling your dress after your wedding or don’t think you’ll ever ware it again, chances are that rentals may be a great option for you.

If you don’t want to keep your bouquet, then again, rentals are a way to save and be sustainable. Epic Elopements offers bouquet and boutonniere rentals without breaking the bank. There are a few other companies out there that offer silk rentals as well, including Something Borrowed Blooms.

When planning a wedding, costs start to add up. Plan a budget and keep to it. If you can’t do that or need help staying focused that’s where we come in. With most weddings, we can stay within your budget WITH our planning and day of coordination fees included. Our personalized packages are the best way to save the most on your big (little) day.

Reach out to Epic Elopements. There is no cost until your entire wedding is planned and you say “Yes!” (again) to the budget focused wedding of your dreams.

Still figuring out how to make your dream wedding work within a budget. No worries. We're here to help.

Budgets are our specialty. We have created a free tool for you to use to get you on the correct path for you and to stay on that path that leads you to your dream wedding, within a budget that makes sense to you. Follow the link below to get our free tool.

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